Sunday, February 19, 2017

Previous Issues of SIGNAL Journal

Spring/Summer 2014

"Speaking to the Classics" by Victor Malo-Juvera

"Beyond the Canon: Reading Workshop in Middle School" by Denise N. Morgan & Kristine E. Pytash

"Battle and Basketball: Teaching Sherman Alexie's The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian with Homer's Illiad" by Sandra Wilson Smith

"From Reader to Teacher: What Reading Histories Have Taught Me About Teaching" by Melissa Williamson

"Building a Culture of Readers: YA Literature and the Canon" by Kara L. Lycke

"'Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?': Fighting for Students' Right to Read" by Alan Brown, Joan Mitchell & Kate Youngblood

"Neal Bascomb: Shifting From Adult to YAL Nonfiction" by Judith Hayn 

Spring/Summer 2013

"Using Young Adult Biographies to 'Do History'" by Beatrice Bailey & Michael Cook

"Just the Right Book, for Just the Right Person, at Just the Right Time: The Formula" by F. Todd Goodson & Lori Goodson

"Basketball, Reading, and Authentic Discussion: Adolescent Males in Flow" by Christian Goering & Michael Hensley

"Transforming Perceptions of English Language Learners: Action Research with Mexican Whiteboy" by Judith Hayn, Karina Clemmons, & Lacey Garner

"Almost Perfect, Transgender Identity, and Young Adult Literature" by Peter C. Kunze

"Traditional and Tragic Heroes: Using Archetypal Analysis to Introduce Students to Critical Lenses" by Victor Malo-Juvera

"Telling The Blood Lie: An Interview with Shirley Reva Vernick" by Kelly K. Thayer

Fall 2012/Winter 2013

"Teaching Diverse Young Adult Literature in Harmony with the Common Core State Standards: is it still just about the characters, the plot, the setting?" by Steven T. Bickmore & Leylja Emiraliyeva-Pitre

"Reframing Arguments for Teaching YA Literature in an Age of Common Core" by Sean Connors & Iris Shepard

"In Defense of Young Adult Texts: Engaged and Electrate in the Fan Spaces of YAL" by Hannah R. Gerber & Teri Lesesne

"Increasing Complexity: Teaching Adolescents Rhetoric and Composition through Graphic Novels" by Gretchen Schwarz

"Grim Visions in the Classroom: Dystopian Texts and Adolescent Readers" by Michael A. Soares

"Young Adult Literature in Non-English/Language Arts Classes?: Enhancing Teacher Candidate and Student Engagement in Content-Area Courses" by Sharilyn C. Steadman, Pamela Sissi Carroll, & Kathy S. Froelich

Spring / Summer 2012

"Translation, Not Adaptation: Reading Gareth Hinds's Graphic Odyssey" by April Brannon

"Pushing the Boundaries of Genre: Nox and the Griffin & Sabine Trilogy" by Ashley Hope DeGracia

"Science Fiction: Changing Attitudes and Exploring Instructional Potential" by Janis M. Harmon & Miriam G. Martinez

"Breaking Social Stereotypes, Reconfiguring the Musical" by Crag Hill & Laura Powers

"Taking Cartoons as Seriously as Books: Using Images to Read Words in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Angela Insenga

"The Metacognitive Discourse of Multimodal Texts: Students Explorative Understandings of The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Kim Pinkerton & Carol Werthmann Bedard

"Secondary Orality and Emerging Literacy in an Age of Multimodal Literacy" by Matthew Skillen and Kenan Metzger 

"A Multigenre Approach to Reading Laurie Halse Anderson's Wintergirls: Converging Texts, Constructing Meaning" by Kelly Thayer

"Making Sense of the World: An Interview with Meg Rosoff" by Steven Watson

Fall 2011 / Winter 2012

“Loud Silence: Using Young Adult Literature to Foster a Discourse of Antihomophobia" by Julie Warner

Spring / Summer 2011

“Fusing Fantasy Film and Traditional Adolescent Texts to Support Critical Literacy" by Amber M. Simmons

Fall 2010 / Winter 2011

“War in Young Adult Literature: An Interview with Jen Bryant” by Shanetia P. Clark and Matthew G. Skillen

Spring / Summer 2010

“Middle School: The Reader’s Graveyard?” by Chris Crowe